Exploring Brooklyn: A Business Trip Turned Adventure

Greetings fellow travelers and adventurers! I recently embarked on a business trip to the vibrant city of New York, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to explore while I was there. After all, as a travel agent, I always have my travel bug ready to bite! Let me take you on a journey through my delightful stay in Brooklyn.

A Comfortable Stay at Sheraton Downtown Brooklyn

My base camp for this adventure was the Sheraton Downtown Brooklyn, a welcoming oasis in the heart of the city. The hotel boasts a small café and a charming Chinese restaurant, making sure your culinary cravings are satisfied. The café serves up delicious smoothies, pastries, and of course, coffee. In my cozy room, I found a handy fridge, and the front desk kindly mentioned they could provide one if needed. Thanks to this thoughtful feature, my baby brother saved me $8 a day on coffee by bringing my favorite caramel creamer along. The room itself was spacious, with clever cubbies for your clothes (I wouldn’t call them drawers!). The bathroom was bright and impeccably clean.

Exploring the Beauty of Brooklyn

Having been born and raised in Harlem and the Bronx, Brooklyn was still a bit of a mystery to me. Each time I fly into NYC and catch sight of Manhattan’s iconic skyline, I feel like a tourist in my own city. I stayed in downtown Brooklyn, near the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) and the Barclays Center.

BAM is a vibrant multi-arts center with a variety of exhibits and performances. I had the chance to glimpse at Spike Lee’s exhibit, although it was temporarily replaced by a Martin Luther King Jr. Exhibit due to the holiday weekend. I’m eagerly awaiting my next visit to see what new artistic wonders await.

The Barclays Center, just a few blocks away, hosts concerts and is the home of the Brooklyn Nets. It’s a must-visit for sports and entertainment enthusiasts.

DUMBO: A Brooklyn Gem

One of Brooklyn’s not-so-hidden treasures is DUMBO, which stands for Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass. This picturesque area along the waterfront is perfect for leisurely strolls, picnics, and even outdoor movie nights. It’s a fantastic spot for a romantic date. You’ll find an array of shops and eateries that cater to every palate. Brooklyn has so much to offer, from the Botanical Garden to drive-in movies and the sprawling Prospect Park. And let’s not forget the food—NYC’s multicultural culinary scene is a world of its own!

Broadway Magic: Celebrating in Style

No trip to NYC is complete without catching a Broadway show. This time, I had the pleasure of celebrating my best friend’s birthday and my mother’s 77th at a mesmerizing performance of “MJ.” The dancing, the storyline, and the iconic music had us all enchanted. When they performed “Billie Jean” with the famous glove, I couldn’t help but dream of hosting a Michael Jackson-themed costume party—a fantastic idea for a future group cruise, perhaps?

Nightlife and Soul Food: A Perfect Evening

While in town, I also ventured out to 95 South Restaurant in Brooklyn on Franklin Ave. This hidden gem features a fantastic DJ spinning great tunes and serving mouthwatering soul food. It’s an ideal spot for a mature crowd, offering a pleasant vibe and top-notch bartenders.

In conclusion, my time in Brooklyn was a delightful blend of business and leisure, filled with memorable moments and exciting discoveries. I’m already looking forward to my next trip, eager to explore even more of this captivating city. Stay tuned for more adventures and travel tips as I continue to uncover the wonders of the world!

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