International Travel Tips

Hotel business cards. The first thing you should do when arriving your hotel overseas is take a business card from the front desk. That way if you should get lost, you have the name and address of the hotel in the local language. Large populations around the world speak English but having something in a local language that you can show locals and taxi drivers is an extra bit of insurance.

Leave a copy of your travel itinerary with family and friends. | Make a list of Emergency Contact that is readily accessible.

When you travel you should NEVER put your valuables in the “safe” purchase a TSA lock and lock your valuables in your suitcase when you leave your cabin/room.

Ziplock bags come in handy for a lot of things including carrying liquids but also can be used to put the remote control in at the hotel to safeguard yourself from germs. Also carry a small can of disinfectant spray to spray the knobs, remote, toilet, sink area, etc. Can’t hurt – especially in cold season.

How often do you go to the airport and there aren’t enough places to power up your phone or other electronics? We suggest you purchase a surge protector with USB plugs.

Take a door stopper with you and when you are in your room alone -make sure to put this behind the door -so no one can sneak into your room without you knowing it.

Mobile Passport app is a must when coming back to the states! We avoided the long lines that were waiting for us when we got back.

Don’t forget the Compression Socks– When you’re thousands of feet in the air, the pressure affects your legs and can increase the chance of swelling or even blood clots. But because these socks are designed to hug your legs tightly, they help your veins and muscles circulate blood more effectively.

You will need an International Travel Adapter while you are traveling, my family and I have multiple devices so we have a few different ones that we use when we travel. I prefer this International Adapter but both work fine.

Most of us use our cell phones to take pictures and this can drain your battery so here is an excellent external charger I personally love my Mophie depending on the type of phone you may have.

I love diversionary items you can hide your money in while you are traveling. Hair Brush / Water Bottle.

Packing cubes are high on my list of what to pack when traveling because they really help with staying organized on the road. Instead of constantly digging to the bottom of your bag in search of that missing sock or the one clean shirt you have left, you can just pull out the appropriate cube. Packing with cubes means you won’t be able to cram quite as much into your luggage, but it’s well worth it for the convenience.

Bringing a first-aid kit when you travel is a good way to be prepared for minor problems. If you’re planning on hiking or spending time in the water, it’s especially important to be able to care for things like cuts, scrapes, and blisters. This kit is small and lightweight but will keep you more than covered, with gauze pads, adhesive tape, various bandages, and other basics.

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